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Bellagio Conservatory Las Vegas

A Bellagio Afternoon

March 14, 2017

A Bellagio Afternoon

Although this is technically filed under the “travel” section of my blog, it is notable that I’m a Las Vegas native. I don’t have a category for “places that I used to live and am now visiting because I don’t currently live there anymore,” so here we go. Traveling.

conservatory 5

I was born and raised in Las Vegas until age 17 when I moved to Orange County for college. My parents still live in Sin City though, so I make frequent trips back. Going to the Bellagio is always one of my favorite stops for two reasons: the conservatory, and the buffet.

You say conservatory and I come running, considering I f*ing love plants. This conservatory changes 5 times a year, once for each season and an additional time for Chinese New Year. They craft gorgeous displays from living botanicals, and sometimes have live animals, like fish or birds.

conservatory 1conservatory 2I

I went on March 13th, which was two days after the Japanese Spring display opened. I swooned over Tulips, Lilies, roses of all colors, Hydrangea, shrubs, and other gorgeous flowers and leaves, arranged to make a giant kabuki character, butterflies, a swan, a turtle and other animals.

conservatory 3conservatory 6conservatory 7

Check out the details on the Kabuki figure. Crazy, right? I die.



conservatory 4

Best of all, though, the conservatory is totally free, even if you’re not staying there. Make your way through the conservatory, and then check out the beautiful celling of the lobby, which is covered in Chihuly glass (random story time: Dale Chihuly likes to hang out at The Parker in Palm springs. My mom and I met him there once, big fan girl moment).


Also excellent: food. Specifically: unlimited food including prime rib, crab legs, and rows and rows of adorable mini desserts. I have been to nearly all of the buffets on the strip over the course of my lifetime, and the Bellagio is HANDS DOWN the best one. Like ever. For real.


Pro tip: All of the good stuff (like the crabs legs and prime rib) is available for dinner. The price difference between lunch and dinner is like $12, so I always aim to get there around 2:30-3:00 for lunch prices, and then hang out until 3:00 when dinner starts for all of the premium items without having to pay more. You’re welcome.


Next time you’re in Vegas, add the Bellagio buffet and conservatory to your to-do list!


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