Caprese Salad

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Caprese Salad. Super simple ingredients, suuuuper good results. Caprese salad hails from the island of Capri, off the coast of Naples, Italy. From what I’ve come to know about this easy salad, it was created in the 1950s to highlight the best ingredients that Italy has to offer to the influx of tourists that came to the area. Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil definitely show off what Italian cuisine is about. Top it with olive oil, which is traditional Italian, and balsamic vinegar, which is an American add on, and you’re good to go.


Start by slicing your tomatoes. I cut mine into 1/2 inch slices.


A quick note about the mozzarella… I used a block of softer, skim mozzarella cheese from my local farmers market. Traditionally caprese salad is made with buffalo mozzarella, an ingredient that I am IN LOVE with. It can be kind of difficult to find, however, and I like to eat my buffalo mozzarella on is own. A high quality block mozzarella cheese does the trick just as well for caprese salad.


Boom. You’re done. Sprinkle some dried oregano and rosemary on top if you’d like, or for a more full meal, serve it on top of a bed of arugula.



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