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Hiking in Joshua Tree

April 10, 2017

Hiking in Joshua Tree

landscape hailey

There are many, many hikes in Joshua Tree national park. One of the coolest things about Joshua Tree in my opinion is that throughout the park there’s a lot of different landscapes and layouts, which provide a really wide variety of different options for both hiking and camping.

Being next to the cottonwood camp site, we decided to follow a hiking trail that was very nearby. After checking in at the COTTONWOOD VISITOR CENTER, we made our way to the hiking area. This particular site had multiple different trails in varying lengths. We took the trail that was a bit over 3 miles, and really enjoyed the scenery. Being in HIGHER?LOWER elevation, there weren’t any Joshua Trees, but rather a lot of yucca plants, and (my favorite) wildflowers.

landscape of hike trail

landscape yucca

yucca star


picking wildflowers tattoo


purple wildflowers

wildflower wreath


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