Desert Sunsets


Usually on my commutes back and forth between Orange County and Vegas, I drive the 225 mile stretch solo. While I will, on occasion, pull over to look at the scenery, the vast majority of the time I’m booking it to get from one place to the next, only appreciating the quick, second long glances of non-concrete out either or my side windows.

This drive, however, was different. My dad was doing the driving (long story as to why), and we were leaving in the afternoon (I usually drive in the early morning.) So not only did I not have to drive and had the opportunity to snap a few photos, I also got to see dusk and sunset out in the middle of the desert.


I’ve probably driven back and forth along this road over 100 times, and yet I don’t think I’ve appreciated how beautiful it truly is until today. Cheers to more beautiful scenery captured on film.


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