Drivin’ Through a Drive In

1On my drive from Antelope Canyon to Las Vegas, we drove through St. George, Utah. I had been to the town before about a decade ago, and was surprised at how much it had grown in the last ten years.


While driving through St. George, we stopped at this really cute drive in for dinner, with a brightly colored exterior and servers that took your order and delivered your food right to your car. According to their facebook page, the restaurant was established in 1965.

You can see my dad hanging out while we waited for our food in the photo below.

I love this cute, unique, funky little restaurant that made me wish drive in’s were still a thing. I enjoyed the blast from the past while I was there, and then took the food in the car as we made our way back to Nevada.


It really makes me happy that places like this are still around, maintained, and supported. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more drive-in’s like this in my area.


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