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Living Room Redo

April 14, 2017

Living Room Redo

I live in a 1,100 square ft, 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment in Orange County, CA. I’m grateful to live where I do, and have the apartment that I live in, just… don’t remind me of how much I’m paying in rent each month.

One of the challenges of living in an apartment, versus living in a place that I own, is that I can’t make HUGE renovations that give the space a lot of unique character. Wallpaper or paint? That’s out. Installing a faux mantel? Forget getting my security deposit back.

These are some before photos of my living room. It probably wouldn’t show up on the homepage of my pinterest feed, but I liked it. It served it’s purpose, gave the apartment a homey feeling, and was overall just fine. But I didn’t really want to live in just fine, I wanted to do some upgrades.

The idea of setting a theme was really appealing to me. Instead of a bunch of random decorations that work well together, but are evidently different, putting a cohesive living room together centered around one theme seemed like it would make more of a statement. So, I set out to redo my living room, piece by piece, until it was a cohesive space, trying to get that unique character in a rental.

I came across [this] SOS blanket, and was immediately obsessed with it. Why? I have no idea, I was just super drawn to it. That prompted my choice of a nautical themed living room. Now, you’re probably thinking: nautical for a beach town apartment???? Soooooooo unique. Yeah, yeah, I thought the same thing too. But I liked the challenge of giving my apartment an updated nautical theme, so that it didn’t look like every tacky beach shop the coast can vomit up.

I’ll update as I go, one project at a time, until I feel as if the space is a curated, cohesive space that is definitely more than just fine.

Check out some of the “before” photos. Hopefully in not too long I’ll have some really stellar “after” photos!!

full view
Here’s a decent overview of what the living area looks like currently.

The living room is the first thing that you see when you walk into the apartment, so I really want it to have a welcoming feeling that introduces the apartment.

angledlivingroomcorner couch
You can kind of get a feel for how the living room blends into the rest of the apartment in these photos. I want something for my living room that’s distinct, yet still cohesive with the way the rest of the apartment is decorated.

I LOVE this couch. It’s super comfortable, and I feel like it fits the space really well. The table and couch are two main pieces of furniture that I don’t plan to change in the redo.

I loved this shelf when I first put it up. I thought it was so perfect, and really enjoyed changing it up with different things every once and a while. I decided to add a second shelf, for no other reason than that I had it laying around. I hate the second shelf, and I’ve grown to dislike the first shelf. That wall is such a prime area, it’s such a giant space! It feel like deserves something more than a single shelf.

Alright, there’s the before photos. Check back for updates!


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