I usually spend Easter’s in Orange County, away from my family in Las Vegas. This year, I happened to time it so that I was in Las Vegas over Easter weekend, and was able to dye easter eggs with my mom.

My brother also made a brief appearance, but it was mostly just so that he could eat one of the eggs. (Note that he did also dye an egg, while simultaneously eating one…)

#TransformationTuesday (or Sunday or whatever)

I’ve seen a few pinterest posts about using plants to make negative spaces on eggs.Β My best friend Alexa tried this out too (although we didn’t plan it!) and she had some really cute flower prints on her eggs. Living in the desert, the options in my yard were cactus needles, and.. dirt. I made a trip to my neighbors yard and was able to secure a few various plants that I hoped would do the trick.

Some of them turned out pretty decent!

And some others definitely left more to be desired.

I’ll probably try again next year and wrap the eggs a little tighter, and hopefully track down some other plants that might make better imprints.

Lillie was also very interested in the eggs FOOD?? FOR ME??? I CAN EAT THIS??? FOOD??????




If Easter is something you celebrate, I hope you enjoyed the holiday. If it’s not, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Cheers.


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