Tanaka Farms

I moved to Orange County in 2010, and have always been fond of Tanaka Farms. It’s a locally owned business that was established in 1940, nestled in between apartment buildings and a golf course in the heart of Irvine. It’s a gorgeous property, and I’m thankful that farms still exist in the middle of metropolitan Orange County.

Back when I arrived in OC, Tanaka Farms had a small-ish market stand where they had a variety of basic fruits and vegetables for sale. They have since expanded quite a bit, and have a fairly large market stand now, complete with fruits and vegetables, home goods and decorations, honey, baked items, and a pick your own strawberry patch.

IMG_7890The farm stand is situated right near the actual farm, so you can look out over the farmland as you shop. In the Autumn, they have a pumpkin patch event that is absolutely HUGE where you can pick your own pumpkin, walk through a corn maze, or take pictures with scare crows. The last time I visited Tanaka Farms was during the pumpkin patch event, and looking at the Spring crops reminded me of my time during the Fall season.

IMG_7896My dad is a pretty big avocado fan, he came with me on this trip.

IMG_7903This is the pick-your-own strawberry patch, where you can pick a pound of strawberries for $5. IMG_7907The farm is right next to Strawberry Fields golf course, so the prevalence of strawberries at the farm definitely makes sense.


IMG_7913They also have a section of baked breads, honey, nuts, and dried fruit.

IMG_7939We grabbed a couple chocolate covered strawberries on our way out, which were super good. It was kind of fun knowing that the strawberries were picked from just a few feet away.

Tanaka Farms is a cute little place that makes for a really nice visit. It really makes me feel like I live out in a more rural area, and I feel really lucky that a space like this exists in the middle of OC.


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