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Tanaka Farms

April 22, 2017

Tanaka Farms

I moved to Orange County in 2010, and have always been fond of Tanaka Farms. It’s a locally owned business that was established in 1940, nestled in between apartment buildings and a golf course in the heart of Irvine. It’s a gorgeous property, and I’m thankful that farms still exist in the middle of metropolitan Orange County.

Back when I arrived in OC, Tanaka Farms had a small-ish market stand where they had a variety of basic fruits and vegetables for sale. They have since expanded quite a bit, and have a fairly large market stand now, complete with fruits and vegetables, home goods and decorations, honey, baked items, and a pick your own strawberry patch.

IMG_7890The farm stand is situated right near the actual farm, so you can look out over the farmland as you shop. In the Autumn, they have a pumpkin patch event that is absolutely HUGE where you can pick your own pumpkin, walk through a corn maze, or take pictures with scare crows. The last time I visited Tanaka Farms was during the pumpkin patch event, and looking at the Spring crops reminded me of my time during the Fall season.

IMG_7896My dad is a pretty big avocado fan, he came with me on this trip.

IMG_7903This is the pick-your-own strawberry patch, where you can pick a pound of strawberries for $5. IMG_7907The farm is right next to Strawberry Fields golf course, so the prevalence of strawberries at the farm definitely makes sense.


IMG_7913They also have a section of baked breads, honey, nuts, and dried fruit.

IMG_7939We grabbed a couple chocolate covered strawberries on our way out, which were super good. It was kind of fun knowing that the strawberries were picked from just a few feet away.

Tanaka Farms is a cute little place that makes for a really nice visit. It really makes me feel like I live out in a more rural area, and I feel really lucky that a space like this exists in the middle of OC.


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    1. Michele Tombari

      Great post. Reminds me that the time for fresh local Spring produce is here. Loved the photos, too.

    2. David Grant

      Pictures came out great!

    3. Reminds me of my fun days in USA picking strawberries! Thanks for the share and the choc covered strawberries are yum!!☺

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