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The Grand Californian: Coffee Shop Alternative

April 29, 2017

The Grand Californian: Coffee Shop Alternative

I suppose if you’re an Orange County local, it’s more thank likely that you’ve made a trip to Disneyland at least once. However, one of the more relaxing (aka, less lines and less stickiness thank the park…) spots is the Grand Californian. The Grand Californian is the hotel onsite that is accessible through Downtown Disney. So why on Earth would I recommend a trip to a hotel? A hotel lobby, to be exact?

Well, I’ll tell you why. It embodies those cozy-cute, ultra-classy coffee shop vibes. It’s everything that I want for an afternoon of reading, internet browsing, or blog writing. As I type this, I’m sitting in a comfy lounge chair listening as the grand piano sends an acoustic version of a Beauty and the Beast song through the entire lobby.

Each part of the hotel is beautifully detailed, and elegant, and comfortable. These lights that hang over the entrance show off some of my favorite details.

The place is seriously huge. And I’m not talking only about the hotel and the hotel rooms, the non-guest access is ridiculously large. The whole main floor of the lobby is giant, with lots of really comfortable seating, and some access to tables. It has everything that I look for in a coffee shop work space area (sans coffee, unfortunately. However! The downtown Disney starbucks is a short walk away, so you can always bring your own coffee. There’s also free wifi, which is awesome.

This outdoor seating area is off of the third floor, and it’s gorgeous. There’s plenty of tables and chairs, the wifi is still really strong. There’s rarely people out here, so it’s a really great quiet space if that’s something you’re looking for.

In the center of the lobby is a giant bouquet that changes regularly. During holiday time, there’s a huge Christmas tree that’s decorated in true Disney style.

My roommate Lauren works from home, and visits this place pretty frequently. (You can see her in this photo, next to the piano!)

If you’re looking for a different sort of place to hang out, or work from ‘home,’ the Grand Californian lobby is a really neat alternative.


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