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Cleaning Burnt Food off a Pan

April 30, 2017

Cleaning Burnt Food off a Pan

If you’re like me, there is on VERY RARE OCCASION (that’s sarcasm…) a time when I will burn food onto the bottom of my pans. Whooooooops. This happens a lot with my Le Creuset pans, and other pans that aren’t nonstick.

In the past, I’ve tried scrubbing, and scrubbing, and scrubbbbbbing, only to end up frustrated and either not using the pan, or letting it “soak” in the sink for the next week. However, when I discovered the miracle that is baking soda, and it’s magical all-purpose cleaning powers, I solved the problem to my ever burnt pans.

Start with a burnt pan. If you don’t know how to burn a pan, may I suggest: 1)cooking food on too high heat because you’re inpatient, 2)cooking with sugars – like honey – and turning your back for .0332 seconds, or 3)getting distracted by watching 13 reasons why on netflix and forgetting that you were cooking. I’ve seen great success with all of these methods.

Spread baking soda over the bottom of the dry pan, just enough to get an even layer across the burned area. Adorable pig measuring up is optional, but highly recommended. I used 1/2 of a cup. Then, add the same amount of water (1/2 cup).

Gently mix the baking soda and water into a paste.

DSC_8846Let it sit for 15 minutes, or when you reconnect with reality after watching 5 episodes of 13 reasons why.

DSC_8853Scrub. Watch as all of the burned junk comes off. Be amazed.

DSC_8856Woo hoo! You now have a clean pan that you can burn food onto again. Repeat cleaning process as necessary.


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