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Magic Hour

May 2, 2017

Magic Hour

The hour just before sunset or just after sunrise is definitely called magic hour for a reason. It really, truly is magical.

My mom, dad, and dog Lillie went down to Newport Beach and were able to catch the sun setting over the ocean.

One of the best parts of living in Southern California are the sunsets. I’m more of a sleeping in person, so I miss most of the sunrises, but I try to catch as many sunsets as possible.

I love how Lillie’s floppy ears blow up in the wind. As a Las Vegas dog, she definitely enjoyed the newness of the beach.

I sometimes forget how easily accessible this view is for me.

Currently dying over her little paw prints in the sand. Alllllll of the heart eye emojis.

I’m trying to soak in all of the special moments, and appreciate the little, daily things that are in actuality so magnificent.


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    1. Michele Tombari

      You are so right about it being the magic hour. Glad we could share that one. Great pics of Lillie!

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