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Rain in Southern C.A.

May 8, 2017

Rain in Southern C.A.

You heard me. It’s RAINING. In Southern California. If you need some reference for what it’s like when mysterious water droplets fall on our usually temperate area, watch this buzzfeed video. It’s pretty accurate. Needless to say, I have almost zero use for rain gear, aside from the few days a year that we manage to get some rainfall.

Despite the complete lack of need, I actually do own a fair amount of rain gear. So, naturally, I took the opportunity to break it out at the first sight of precipitation. I LOVE my rain boots. The rain boots that all of my friends laughed at me for buying, because, I live in Southern California. They had a good point, but now I have the ability to splash in puddles, so I think we all know who’s winning in this scenario. (Me.)

I bought the umbrella for similar reasoning that I bought the boots. My necessity level for an umbrella is pretty low, but it’s super cute, has a watermelon print, and somewhere deep down I knew I would one day put it to good use. Taking this photo was the good use. I haven’t actually ever used it to keep me dry…

DSC_0188.jpg I got this Michael Kors rain jacket from Nordstrom’s Rack yearssss ago. I think I snagged it in Las Vegas during my last year of high school. It’s actually gotten some decent use, as I break it out whenever it gets cold here (so like… below 65…).

Bonus to humid weather, my hair unleashes its wavy potential and I get these super cool mermaid curls.

And hey, if I ever travel to a place that’s rainy, I’ll be all set. I think that’s a good excuse to buy a plane ticket.


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    1. Michele Tombari

      Rain drops keep falling on my head, too. The so-cal system visited Las Vegas as well, but I did not deal with it quite as fashionably. Very engaging article and pics. Please keep sharing!

      • I wasn't sure if it was going to make it to Vegas or not! I used my tripod to take these.

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