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DIY Pallet Garden

June 1, 2017

DIY Pallet Garden


This is probably one of my favorite DIY projects that I’ve ever done. It’s quite easy, cost effective, and super versatile. It’s great for apartments or small spaces because it stands vertical, and you can grow basically whatever you want in it. I filled mine with flowers, but I can see this working really well as an herb garden, or filled with succulent arrangements.


For this tutorial, you will need:
-A pallet
-Terra Cotta pots (I used 8)
-A wire cutter and crimper
-Electric drill
-3/8” drill bit
*You’ll notice that there is a nail and hammer in the photograph – I didn’t end up using those!

A note about materials:

I chose copper wire, mostly because it’s pretty! (There is a lot of NOT pretty wire out there, I have now discovered.) This wire is also rustproof, which makes it more durable for outside use and plant watering.

Next, grab your wire and the wire cutters. Before cutting your strip of wire, wrap it around the terra cotta pot, just below the extended lip. Leave about 4 to 5 inches sticking off of the base of the pot, as you can see in above photo, and cut the wire.

IMG_3704.JPGNow that you have the length of the wire measured, use that as a ruler to cut wire for the remainder of the other pots. Repeat for the number of pots that you’re attaching to the pallet.

IMG_3702 2.JPGSet the wires aside, and lay out your terra cotta pots on the pallet to plot where you want each of them to go. Mark the location with a bit of painters tape.

IMG_3687.JPGDrill a hole in each of the points where you want your pots to go. You want the hole to be able to fit 2x the diameter of the wire (since both ends will be pulled through the hole.)

IMG_3674.JPGThread each end of the wrapped wire through the holes in the pallet.

IMG_3663.JPGFlip your pallet over, and reach your hand through to the back side where the wire is sticking out. Twist the wires around each other a few times, and then push each end taught against the back of the pallet. Ensure that it’s sturdy, as it will need to support the weight of the pot, dirt, and plant.


IMG_3649.JPGNow that you have all of the wires installed, you can add your pots! I removed each one when I filled it with the plant. That’s the really nice thing about the design – you can remove the pots to make planting much easier. I’ve seen some similar designs out there, but the pots are secured so tightly that you can’t remove them, which adds an extra unnecessary hassle.


I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you would fill it with next!


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