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June 9, 2017

Old Places Made New

I spent four years living on the campus of my Alma Mater, Concordia University Irvine. Four years that I had the opportunity to explore the campus grounds. And did I? Nope.

It wasn’t until just recently, three years after I graduated, when my current roommate and fellow 2014 alumni and I, ended up going for a walk around the campus, and happened upon this really amazing view.

DSC_9503The hillllls are aliveeeeeeeeeee…

DSC_9274Standing in a bunch of super tall, wild mustard may sounddddd like a good idea, and you’ll probably get some cool photos from it, but…

DSC_9298…you’ll probably also end up with like a million and a half bug bites, which I am still itching as I write this 4 days later.

DSC_9416One of the cool things about this particular part of the campus is that you get untouched wildlife, currently covered in wild mustard flowers and other various native California plants, combined with the downtown Irvine in the background.

DSC_9418That’s definitely one of the things that I love most about Orange County. I get nature and untouched land, including rolling hills of green and wildflowers, combined with the convenience of a starbucks on every corner and the feel of a city without the complete insanity of true city life.

DSC_9444Luckily I still live super close to Concordia, and have access to exploring any time I want. It was definitely a lesson in exploring where I’m at when I’m there. I spend so much time dreaming of exploring the world, and often forget that there are things to explore right in my backyard.


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