Succulent Sunday

I love plants. For those of you who know me, that comes as no surprise. If you follow me on instagram, (which you totally should!) you might have seen that I brought home some new plant babies recently. I decided to plant the newbies in a pot with a few extra lone succulents I had. I always feel like they look better nestled together.

Wouldn’t you agree?

DSC_1864When arranging succulents, I try to stick to a color scheme to keep things coordinated. For this, I picked tones of green and purple. I took the new succulents that I bought, and grabbed other succulents in that color scheme that I thought would work well together. I also try to pick a variety of sizes, grabbing 1-2 large succulents, and then fill the remaining spaces with medium to small plants.


Eventually these guys will start having a root ball that intertwines. If you plan to

If you want to watch a video, I recorded it!


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