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Palm Springs Essentials

June 21, 2017

Palm Springs Essentials

PALM SPRINGSSSS. I L-O-V-E Palm Springs, and I’m blessed to live a 90 minute car ride away from heaven in the desert. Two of my dear friends from college and I are doing a quick weekend trip soon, and I decided to start preparing my must-haves for the trip. Surprise, it’s basically cactus everything!!!


1.Take your selfies with a phone protected by a saguaro cactus case. Not only is this super cute, but the brand name is SARINA. My name!!! Spelled the way I spell it! I was very excited when I found this in the Nordstrom’s Rack checkout line.

2. A quick (and very disappointing) google search revealed that there are NO saguaro shaped sunglasses for sale. Tragic. I settled with these heart shaped sunglasses. I guess EVERYTHING can’t be cactus themed, right? And with these, you can have literal emoji heart eyes 100% of the time while wearing them. You win some, you lose some.

3. It’s really hot in the desert, so bring a hyrdroflask for water. Mine is in the color ‘citron,’ and as you can see, it is very dented well loved. My friends fiancé once noted that it looked like it had been through World War 2. Considering how many times I’ve dropped it, he’s not exactly wrong.

4. Have you ever had a sunburn so bad that you can’t move? I definitely have. Between falling asleep in the sun, forgetting to put on sun screen, or accidentally going on a 5 hour hike (that’s a story for another time…), I have endured my fair share of painful, blistering sunburns. I plan on preventing that with my favorite sunscreen.

5. Two words: Cactus. Floatie. Like everyone, I was totally on board with the explosion last summer of super cute pool floaties. I sported the swan float last summer, but when I decided to book a Palm Springs trip, one of the first things I did was order a saguaro shaped floatie. I’m SUPER excited to use it.

6. iPhone photos are great, don’t get me wrong. But if you have access to a DSLR, BRING IT. My Nikon D7200 goes everywhere with me anyway, but I’m bringing all my gear to Palm Springs. There are soooo many photo opportunities, which is one of my favorite things about PS.

7. In addition to my Nikon, I’ll be throwing my instax mini 8 and some film into my luggage. When the instax cameras first became popular, I struggled to see the appeal. I have a DSLR, why would I want to carry around any other camera?! But I soon realized that they are very different, and especially for special occasions like vacations, I think it’s worth it to bring along both. I’m preparing myself for a instax album of plant photos.

8. Let everyone know that you’re vacationing in the desert with tags from made well on your luggage! I have quite a collection of these things things at this point, but a polkadot cactus and a vacation tag definitely say Palm Springs trip!

9. Finally, you’ll want some guides to help you make the most of your trip. The Palm Springs Mod app is awesome if you’re interested in doing some site seeing of the architectural awesomeness that is Palm Springs. The Palm Springs app has tons of information on a lot of different things, from restaurants, to hiking spots, etc. You can find both of these on the apple app store.

There ya go. 9 Palm Springs essentials. What do you bring on your trip to the desert?


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    1. Michele Tombari

      Loved the info on Palm Springs. I will try to plan a trip in the fall when the weather there cools off a little. Hope you have a great time and didn't forget your swimsuit!

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