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Palm Springs Weekend Trip!

June 29, 2017

Palm Springs Weekend Trip!

Living in Orange County means the availability of a Palm Springs weekend trip, basically at any time. I took up that opportunity last weekend with two of my friends from college. Here’s some snaps from the weekend. 🙂


El Jefe: We went to El Jefe right after checking in. It’s at the Saguaro hotel, and I have heard pretty good things about it. The tacos were so. good. I got the beer battered fish tacos, and a watermelon margarita, which was also amazing.

Norma’s: I love Norma’s. It’s inside The Parker hotel, so if you’re stopping by to take some snaps, be sure to check out the restaurant. It’s on the pricy side, so keep that in mind if you visit, but the food is always SO. GOOD. Plus you get a free smoothie shot with a sample smoothie of the day, and the coffee comes in these adorable stainless steel pots. Midcentury heaven.

The Saguaro: The Saguaro is pretty awesome. It was my first time staying there, and I was really happy with it. It was fairly reasonably priced, and was a perfect fit for our needs, considering we wanted a pool day. Their pool/outdoor area was really nice, very well kept, and there was plenty of seating, even on a weekend during high season. The super colorful doors and walls make for really fun backdrops for headshots too. If you’re wanting a cute, palm springs-esq boutique hotel at a cheaper price point, I would suggest staying here.

The Parker: Our Palm Spring’s trip was pretty short, so we didn’t stop by some of the places that I usually like to check out. But, no Palm Spring’s trip is complete without a walk around The Parker. Don’t leave without a photo in front of the iconic orange doors and the “drugs” sign in the lobby.
DSC_0610.jpgUntil next time Palm Springs!


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