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Frida Dog-hlo.

July 24, 2017

Frida Dog-hlo.

I’ve never made flower crowns before, but when my best friend left me unattended at her house with access to her plants and her dogs, making flower crowns for said dogs seemed like the only logical way to spend my time.

Plumeria trees are some of my favorite, and there’s a huge one in Alexa’s back yard. I used both the flowers and the leaves to make this crown.

Very majestic, obviously.

DSC_0939.JPGDSC_0953.JPGGetting Butters to wear it was a little more difficult than making it, though. There were definitely some flower casualties….

The hibiscus crown was way more successful in terms of length of wear. I was seriously SO proud of him when he left it on for the 2.4 seconds it took in order to take a picture of it.

The sweetest puppy princess.

Alexa wasn’t home because she had one of her puppies, Jack, at the vet. I left this braided reed crown for him, and got a photo of a very confused pup wondering what’s on his head a few hours later.


Alexa and I have plans to make human-sized flower crowns in the near future, so I’m thinking a dog/human flower crown photo shoot is in order.

*If you’re unfamiliar with the reference in the title, Frida Khalo is a Mexican painter turned style icon, who often wore flowers at the crown of her hair.


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