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Desert Native Does Fall

September 30, 2017

Desert Native Does Fall

My 24 years have been spent between Las Vegas (17 years), and Orange County (7 years.) Because of that, Fall is not something that I get a ton of.

Most of my traveling has historically been done over the summer or spring. Especially when traveling with my family, who prefers to avoid “weather” at all costs, I haven’t gotten much of a chance to experience Fall weather properly.

This year, however, I have taken quite a few different trips to weathered cities during the Fall season. Paris and Iceland in September, Northern California in October, Seattle and Salt Lake City in November, and Portland in December all afforded me a typical Fall experience. AND I LOVED IT.

Northern County, California

Paris, France

Seattle, Washington

Unpatiently waiting for the next fall season when I can do more leaf frolcking. ​


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