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Bellagio Conservatory Las Vegas

Autumn in Vegas – Bellagio Conservatory

October 19, 2017

Autumn in Vegas – Bellagio Conservatory


It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a blog post! I’ve been traveling quite a bit, packed up my apartment and moved to a different state, changed jobs, and a lot of other crazy stuff! It felt appropriate to update with a post about the Bellagio Conservatory, one of my favorite places ever. My first ever blog post was actually about a trip to the Bellagio conservatory.


The conservatory, also called the Bellagio Gardens, changes 5 times a year, one for each of the seasons, plus Chinese New Year. This time of year (October), the autumn theme (with a few nods to Thanksgiving) was in full swing, which is perfect, because Vegas doesn’t really know what Autumn even is. (Seriously, we’re unfamiliar with seasons other than very very hot, and super super windy. Hashtag desert.)


The main feature of this seasons display were two HUGE peacocks in the center, with fanned out feathers made of different colored roses. One of the cool parts about the conservatory is that they provide information on each of the major projects, what they’re made out of, etc. Sometimes there’s often a professional garner, “Mr. Green Thumb,” that makes appearances to answer botanical questions. As a plant lady, I LOVE THAT PART!!!

Check out the DETAIL. The peacock feathers were composed of a total of 14,868 roses, using a combination of 614 orange, 240 deep blue, 338 yellow orange, 125 metallic blue, and 125 metallic green. (Those metallicssss!!!!)

The gardens are truly a special place. Everything possible is made from floral or other natural elements, and it creates a space that is full of light, happiness, positive energy, and a stronger connection to nature. Nature is amazing and beautiful on it’s own, but when people team up with natural elements to create a display like this, it takes it to different level that is super, super cool.

Look out for the Winter/Christmas themed Bellagio gardens post in the next few months.


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