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Halloween-a-fied Disneyland

October 25, 2017

Halloween-a-fied Disneyland

Let’s talk Disneyland. One thing that is undeniable is that Disneyland is AMAZING at decorating for the holidays. It’s tremendous how they can turn the entire, giant amusement park into a Halloween wonderland. My brother hadn’t ever been to Disneyland during Halloween, so we hopped in a car in Las Vegas and drove to Orange County (just two weeks after I moved out of OC), and stepped into the Magical Kingdom, Halloween Edition.

The Haunted Mansion, which is usually one of my go-to rides for the short wait time, transforms into ‘Haunted Mansion Holiday,’ which combines the two most important end of year holidays, Halloween and Christmas, for a ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ themed mansion. The carriage in front of the mansion is seriously the cutest, and it proceeds to get spookier and more halloween-a-fied as you progress. If you’re a Halloween fan and a Disney fan, it’s definitely worth making the trip.

The rides that get changed for Halloween are the Haunted Mansion (which is probably the most changed from the traditional version), Space Mountain (which features ghouls jumping out at you), and the Monsters Inc. ride in California Adventure. There are additional decorations in many of the other rides, though, and PLENTY of holiday decorations throughout the entire park. I love the orange glow of Main Street.

Select nights have special Halloween fireworks. When I went, I missed the fireworks, which was a huge bummer. The fireworks show is spectacular no matter what, but timing it with the Halloween fireworks would have made it even better.

You can also wait in line to get a photo with the Mickey shaped pumpkin. I like going during magic hour, or just a bit after dusk. The eyes light up, the lights on main street light up, and still get a bright sky.

Here’s one extra photo of my brother on the teacups. The teacups is amazing, especially at night, no matter what time of year.

My immediate family AND my extended family are planning a big trip to Disneyland for Christmas, so look for an upcoming post on Disneyland Christmas.


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