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Dogs of Marin County

November 8, 2017

Dogs of Marin County

I love dogs. I am a dog person to the deepest part of my soul. As a result, I often will seek out dogs, and will travel great distances (okay, more like across the street…) to pet one in my line of site. When I traveled to Marin County, there were TONS. OF. DOGS. Marin county has a bunch of super small towns, and dogs roam pretty freely. There’s dogs that will casually walk up and down the street, dogs that go to the shops with their owners and walk around greeting customers, dogs that live on restaurant patios, and dogs that are just out and about on walks with their owners. IT. IS. GREAT. I ended up taking more dog photos than scenery photos, so… here. Have a bunch of super cute dogs, all of which I pet for probably longer than socially acceptable.


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