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Marin County: Bolinas, CA

November 8, 2017

Marin County: Bolinas, CA

I recently moved from Orange County to my hometown of Las Vegas. While living in Vegas is only a temporary stop, I have no idea what my next place of residence will be. I narrowed it down to Sacramento, Portland, or Seattle, and made a plan to visit all three cities in order to give me a better idea of where I wanted to live. After exploring Sacramento, I took a little detour to Dillon Beach, where my friend has a beach house. There’s tons of super cute little costal towns nearby, and one of them is Bolinas.

Bolinas is a super cute little town in Marin County, California. The whole town has a very hippie, relaxed vibe to it, with cute bohemian inspired shops, mercantiles that have everything from bulk nails to skincare, a rocky beach with tons of shells, and lots and LOTS of free roaming dogs. Yessss.

Bolinas is a pretty reclusive place. In fact, you won’t even see road signs leading to the town. The road signs that used to be posted were torn down by residents so many times that it was put up for a vote, and residences enacted a measure that no more road signs would be put up on the main highway. This sign is hanging behind the bar in what seems to be one of only a few restaurants in town, the Coast Cafe.

This is the entrance to the mercantile in town. It was one of the coolest places ever, and they literally had just about everything you could possibly imagine. They had big bulks of nails and screws and other hardware gear, cooking dishes and gear, beauty and health care items, as well as decor. It was seriously like the put a home depot, crate & barrel, and a pier 1 all combined into one super cute little town shop. It was really special to look around, and I felt like I really got an idea of what it was like to live in a small town. Everyone in the shop knew each other, and you could tell it had been run by the same owners for generations.

There isn’t exactly a ‘main street,’ but I think this photo of a super nice, friendly guy who waved to me moments before I take this photo, wearing a tie dye shirt, rocking well groomed dreads, and opting to go bare foot, accurately describes what it’s like to walk down the street in Bolinas.

One of the best things about this town were ALL OF THE CUTE DOGS. Admittedly, when I was going through my photos to write this blog post, I realized that I had more dog photos than I did of anything else. Click here to see the blog post that I dedicated to cute dogs of Bolinas.

Let me end this post with a visual (since I clearly didn’t take enough photos.) I pulled into a dirt parking lot, and noticed a shop called “The Beach Stop,” written in a 70s style swirly bubble font, with a tie dye background. I walked into a shop, my shoes making the old hardwood floors creek. It was a surfing shop, with lots of tie dye shirts, surf boards, and other gear that you’d see at a costal beach shop. At first, I didn’t think there was a shop attendant, until I heard a soft voice in the corner say “hey man, welcome.” I turned around to see a man with long dreads sitting cross legged on a stool. (It was gravity defying, almost Ariana Grande-esq.) A guitar sat perched on his lap, and he played a single chord after greeting me, and then he closed his eyes as if meditating. I gave a hello back, and kept walking around the store until I was ready to leave. I gave a small wave, said “thank you,” to the man who still had his eyes closed, and prepared to exit. “Have a groovy day man,” the shop keeper said with another strum of his guitar, opening his eyes only briefly to acknowledge my exiting.

True story. This really happened. That’s basically Bolinas for you.


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      Love this blog. You have interesting views to relate from your travels. Very fun. Just added Bolinas to my wish list for travel locations. Thanks.

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