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Marin County: Elephant Rocks

November 13, 2017

Marin County: Elephant Rocks

Most of my trip to Nor Cal was spent in Marin County. You can read about a couple towns that I visited here and here. This post is not about a town, but rather some super cool giant rocks that were basically in the middle of nowhere.

These rocks are only a few miles from the beach, which means on a cloudy, costal day, the fog hits pretty hard. As someone born and raised in Vegas, followed by a seven year residence in Orange County, I am not very familiar with the thick, dense costal fog that comes about from cold weather. Exploring the rocks, while also being surrounded by fog, was super. cool. I would recommend it. Would I recommend it wearing a dress and a t-shirt with a jacket left behind in the car? No. No I wouldn’t. But what can I say, I like to live on the edge. (The edge being having hypothermia and not having hypothermia.)

The rocks are kinda sorta in the middle of nowhere. This part of Northern California is mostly pastures and dairy farms. However, tucked in between small coastal towns and lots and lots of cows is the small town of Dillon Beach. Dillon Beach is a private beach town that I’ve been fortunate enough to visit, twice. It’s so different from the Southern California beaches that I’m used to, staying at my good friends beach house.

The rocks, dubbed “elephant rocks” by those who live in the area, are GIANT. I think this one kinda looks like an elephant too! They seem super out of place. The edge of the road falls off into this big pasture, which isn’t uncommon for the area. However, these giant rocks are just hangin’ out, chillin’, all alone. (Well, I guess they’re not alone considering there’s lots of cows, but there’s no other giant rocks in the area, so…)

While I love traveling and getting to see different cool places and sites, one of my favorite things is getting to see cool natural stuff like this outdoor jungle gym rock formation.

Pro tip: while climbing rocks, you might see a gap in between the one that you’re standing on, and another rock that juts out into the pasture. You may think to yourself, “wow, it would be cool if I could stand at the edge of the rock that juts out, because then it would look like I was standing on a floating in the fog. That would be pretty cool, I should definitely try and jump the gap.”

You may also think to yourself, “you could definitely die, or at least break your ankle.” You might remember, “hey, the nearest hospital is like an hour away from here.” You might also recall that your friend standing 100 yards away with your camera specifically said that quote “if you fall and break your ankle I’m not going to come get you” end quote. You might want to ignore all of those voices and say “DO IT FOR THE GRAM,” and then jump anyway. I highly recommend that you DO NOT DO THAT. The gram is not worth it. You have been warned.


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