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Park City, Utah

November 20, 2017

Park City, Utah

Snow is a pretty rare sighting for me. I’ve lived my entire life in Las Vegas and Orange County, so it’s always been this fascinating enagima.

When I went to Salt Lake City to visit some friends, I requested demanded that we go see some snow. And let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed. We went to Park City, Utah, which is one of the locations that the 2002 Winter Olymic Games were held. Part of the reason SLC got the bid for the winter Olympics is because of the quality of the snow. It’s almost all powder. It’s soft, fluffy, and it makes for a great winter sports course (and cushioned fall when you eat it.)

I didn’t do anything resembling sports (unless falling is an Olympic sport?), but I did jump in the snow, filled with wonderment at the foreign, sparkly white abyss.

The downside of this snow is that it isn’t great for making snowmen or snowballs. When one of my friends threw a clump of snow at me at a lower elevation where compact snowballs could be made, I made a plan to retialiate once we got up to park city. However, the snow is so fluffy that it was super difficult to form a dense enough pack of snow to throw it without it breaking in the air. Disappoing. I’ll get him back some other way.

There was a really cool museum in Park City that had a lot of olympic memorabilia and provided a lot of information about the history of snow sports, as a whole, and in Utah. It was nestled right in between the ski slopes and the bobsled racing track.

Although we didn’t plan it, we happened to be there while a few different events were happening. We were able to catch a few runs of the skeleton racers, who flew by at speeds of over 80mph, which was absolutely INSANE. It was really cool to see it in person, and it was a lot different than watching it on television when the olympics are on.

Park city was a super cute little town to explore, and getting to play in the snow was SUPER FREAKING COOL.


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