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Seattle: Gum Wall

November 30, 2017

Seattle: Gum Wall

I LOVE the Pike Place Market, and make sure to visit every time I’m in Seattle. It’s seriously huge, and every time I discover something new. Between old historical spots that I didn’t know about before, or things that have been added or created since my last trip, I could probably spend a considerable amount of time exploring. Although the tradition of sticking gum to the wall has been around since 1993, the Seattle Gum Wall, a wall covered in gum that’s attached to the Market Theater, was one of the Pike Place sites that was new to me.

When we were on a boat tour of the harbor, our very informative tour guide explained the rumors behind how the gum wall came about. Apparently, the Market Theater, tired of scraping gum off the bottom of the theater seats, banned the chewing of gum inside the theater. In a form of protest, patrons began sticking their gum to the outer wall of the theater before purchasing their tickets. The theater attempted to clean the wall twice before giving up, and today, it’s a local landmark. The only time that it’s been properly cleaned was in November of 2015, when the city power washed the walls to prevent 20 years worth of gum from eroding the walls. As you can see from the photos, though, Seattlites and visitors quickly refilled the wall.

The gum wall is ranked the second grossest tourist attraction, second only to the Blarney Stone in Ireland. And you can definitely see why.

When you’re done taking photos, you can add your own contribution to the gum wall. Alternatlivey, the walkway up to the gum wall alley is plastered with anti-trump images. If you’ve ever felt like smearing gum on the current U.S. President’s face, now is your chance. I highly recommend it.


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