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Las Vegas: Mount Charleston

December 8, 2017

Las Vegas: Mount Charleston

DSC_8357I did a photoshoot for a really adorable family who wanted to have their shoot at Mount Charleston, an outdoor camping and recreation area about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas. While I was there, my brother and I decided to do a bit of exploring. One of my favorite things about mountains is how drastically the scenery can change. In this case, we went from the lower level elevation desert that surrounds the Las Vegas Valley, to an area that was filled with Joshua Trees, and then to an area that was forested with occasional patches of snow!!

DSC_8365DSC_8432Snow is something that I rarely ever see, since I do live in a desert. I don’t know if you could call this little patch of ice crystals “snow,” per say, but as a desert native who jumps at the sight of seeing anything white and cold, I was pretty dang stoked. My dog, Lillie, hasn’t ever seen snow (or left behind ice crystals….) before, and she was pretty unsure of it.

DSC_8440I didn’t snap a ton of photos of the forested areas (at least for the blog), but you can see how forested the area can be. I realize that this is nothing like the forests of the Pacific North West, but considering this is in Southern Nevada, it’s pretty exciting.

DSC_8518DSC_8543DSC_8580Before reaching the bottom of the mountain, you go through an area that is absolutely¬†covered in Joshua Trees. It feels a lot like Joshua Tree National Park, except that you can’t make a pitstop in Palm Springs.¬†Since moving to Vegas from So Cal, I miss Joshua Tree a lot, so it was really nice being in this area.

DSC_8589I feel like it’s so easy to think of where I live as just the city that I live in, but in reality, there are so many wonderful, cool, amazing sites that are less than an hour away.


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