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Glittering Lights

December 23, 2017

Glittering Lights

Apparently it’s like a thing to set up Christmas lights around a route that cars can drive through, enjoying the lights from the warmth of a car. It wasn’t until this year that I heard about this kind of light setup, but I feel like I’ve seen TONS this holiday season.

The one that I went to was called Glittering Lights, at Las Vegas Motor Speedway where the NASCAR races are held. The lights weren’t actually set up on the track, but rather through the parking lot and under the bleachers.

I really liked this light set up in particular because it was very Vegas themed. There were a ton of different Vegas symbols, like the “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign,” and the #VegasStrong logo that came about after the October 1st shooting.

They had the Las Vegas High Roller Ferris Wheel made of lights as well, which was really pretty.

They had a ton of different animals too, in fact there was a whole “safari” section with all sorts of different animals, many of which had alternating flashing lights to make it seem like the animals were moving.

It took everything in me not to hop out of the car and steal this saguaro cactus light fixture. I’ve made it a goal for next year to try and recreate one myself, because, seriously, this is the epitome of my Christmas light goals.

Tickets start at $20 per car, and the lights will be up through January 7th.


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