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Christmas at Disneyland

December 25, 2017

Christmas at Disneyland

Christmas in Disneyland is even more magical than regular Disneyland (which is already magical as it is.) Since moving to Las Vegas, I haven’t been able to go as often as I used to, but I made it a priority to visit the park on my last quick weekend trip.

The main attraction is probably the giant decorate Christmas tree that is set up in Main Street U.S.A. It’s 60 feet tall and covered with more than 1,800 ornaments. I was SUPER stoked when my friend Hailey and I got photobombed by Pluto. And not just regular Pluto, but Pluto wearing a santa hat.

Main Street as a whole is really quite beautiful. It’s where most of the lights are displayed, and all of the shops are brighter and more Christmas-y than usual.

The castle is probably my second favorite attraction, aside from the Christmas decorations. I was super bummed that I wasn’t able to see it in the daytime, because it’s a perfect combination of soft baby pinks and icy blues that’s basically a bloggers dream. But it also looks wonderful when it’s lit up. At one point during the night, it “snows” in Disneyland, with fake snow machines generating foamy snow that floats down into the crowd while the castle lights sparkle white like snow.

The small world ride, which is already beautiful with animal shaped manicured shrubs, and white and gold geometric patterned walls, turns into a really bright, magical, Christmas themed building. The clock face that watches over the ride gets a cute Santa hat, which is really sweet.

The lights come down on January 7th, when it transfers back into Disneyland after almost 3 months of special decorations (between Halloween and Christmas.) If you’d like to check out Halloween Disneyland, you can check out my post here.


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