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HelloSarina in 2018

January 9, 2018

HelloSarina in 2018

I’m usually not super into resolutions, but the New Year does seem like a good time to start setting some concrete goals for what I’d like to get out of blogging. When I first started this website, I was really tentative. I paid a few bucks a month to get a domain name, and then just kind of experimented. But at this point, I’m really enjoying the process of blogging, and want to start making it into something a little more structured.

1. Posting on a schedule!
I’ve decided to go with two times a week for the time being, and will adjust if that doesn’t feel right. For now I’ve decided on Monday’s and Friday’s.

2. Practicing food photography.
I’ve always struggled taking photos of food. I am always really proud of the recipes that I make, and want to be able to show and demonstrate how to recreate them, as well as display the finished product in a way that’s indicative of the meal itself. Most of the time, I’ll come up with a recipe, write the post, photograph it, and then when I go to edit the photos, I end up ditching the whole idea because I’m not happy with the photography.

3. Posting travel posts as I travel.
I LOVE traveling. It is one of the things that makes my soul the happiest, and photographing and document my trips is something that I really enjoy. However, when I go on a trip, I often find myself taking upwards of 500 photos a day, and going through them at the end of the day to write a post can get super overwhelming. What often ends up happening is that I don’t actually end up posting about my trip, which makes me super sad. My goal is to try and blog about my trips as I go, by being more intentional about getting organized so that I’m not super overwhelmed, as well as utilizing downtime (like sitting at the airport) to dedicate towards writing.

4. Not being SO into photography that it keeps me from posting.
I like being a blog with a lot of photos, but at the same time, I have tons of blog posts that are written, but haven’t taken the accompanying photos, and then they never get posted. This post has a sweet photo of a sunset, and that’s all it needs. Done.

5. Adding a new series, 52 Books in 52 Weeks.
This is more of a personal goal that I’ve decided to blog about. I’ll post once a month about the books I’ve read, and hopefully at the end of 2018 I’ll be at 52!


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