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The Best Thing My Garden Has Ever Given Me

January 18, 2018

The Best Thing My Garden Has Ever Given Me

I HAVE DRAGONFRUITS, PEOPLE!!!! After what has seemed like months and months and months and months (it actually has been since early October when the first buds appeared), I FINALLY have real, ripe, edible dragonfruits.

I’ve grown quite a few different edibles in my garden, but none have been as rewarding, or exciting, as the two beautiful, perfect dragonfruits that I pulled off my cactus a few days ago.

I’m super proud that this came to fruition. (Or should I say FRUITition…) My dragonfruit cactus and I have been through a lot, including two moves (one across an apartment complex, one across states), many sketchy trellises that were adequate at best (including literally just tying the branches to a fence…), root rot, and poorly executed hair cuts, to name a few. So the fact that I was able to successfully cultivate these fruit is beyond stellar to me.

I’ll do a full blog post on the entire process of bud to fruit in the future, but for now I’m just excited and enjoying what is arguably the prettiest fruit in existence.


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    1. Anonymous

      Gardening is a balancing act between active persitence and passive patience and it seems like you are great at gardening! Congratulations for the fruits of your labor.

      • sarina

        Thank you! I like your phrasing, active persistence and passive patience.

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