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Dine With Me: Calderon Ice Cream

January 23, 2018

Dine With Me: Calderon Ice Cream

Comin’ at you with another dine with me, except that it’s about eating ice cream, and there’s not so much dining involved. So, come eat ice cream with me.

Calderon has totally exploded the first location opened in Orange County three years ago. It’s been featured on a ton of different websites, and has secured itself as a top destination for tourists and locals alike.

I stumbled onto this place because a friend lives across the street, and have gone back many times after because of the constantly changing flavors and the puffle cones. (More on what a puffle is later.)

There’s been quite a few nitrogen ice cream places popping up lately, and it’s always been really fun watching them make the ice cream. Because they do make everything right in front of you, there’s usually a line out the door of people waiting to grab ice cream here, but it’s totally worth it, and the clean atmosphere and bright lights make it an enjoyable place to hang out and wait.

Upon request, they’ll shape the ice cream into cute little rosettes too.

Puffle cones are kind of like waffles, but instead of hollow squares, puffles have circular puffs of air! They come in three flavors: red velvet, churro, and original. I think the puffles are part of what makes this ice cream place so unique.

Right now there’s only two locations that are open, one in Santa Ana, CA, and another in Artesia, but they have plans to open more shops throughout Southern California.




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