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Seattle: Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit

February 15, 2018

Seattle: Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit

The Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit in Seattle is one of the most magnificent of collections of his work, which is appropriate, considering Chihuly is from the Seattle area. The exhibit is in Seattle Center, which is comprised of the space needle, MoPOP, and other really cool things to do. We combined our trip to the top of the space needle with our trip to the museum, and were able to save some money on the ticket.

My mom loves Dale Chihuly, and as a result, I grew up learning about him and his art. As a sidenote, Chihuly loves The Parker, in Palm Springs, which is also one of my all time favorite places. My mom and I ran into him on one of our trips there, which was pretty awesome.

There’s also a garden area to the museum, which is filled with glass sculptures intertwined with beautiful plants. You can get really cool snaps of the garden with the Space Needle in the background. When I went, it was closed for a very fancy wedding that was taking place. (I googled the cost of wedding packages, and couldn’t find any prices. I took it as a sign that I didn’t want to know.)

eDSC_4873eDSC_4891One of the things that I really appreciate about this museum is that there’s a lot of variety between the different displays. It’s all uniquely Chihuly, but there’s a variety of intricate sculptures, with everything from florals, to add shapes, and blow glass spheres. It was also really awesome to see how each piece was displayed, and how the glass looked different depending on if it was stand alone or integrated into a larger installation; if it was presented with a visible reflection or intertwined with botanicals, LED lights, or other mixed media, etc.

These glass sculptures above were some of my favorite displays in the museum. I love how they look different when viewed up close versus far away. I also love how the negative space behind the glass (from the black walls and ceilings in the room) makes the illuminated glass pop.

You can spend however long you want in the museum. It’s definitely something you could do in a 30 minute walk through, or you could spend a lot of time carefully examining each piece and installation. If you have a DSLR, I would recommend bringing a zoom lens, so that you can get some shots of the tiny details that make the pieces so intricate.


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    1. Oh HEY. What a great post! Super excited to check out this exhibit next week whilst in Seattle!

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