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Dine With Me: Unicorn Bar

February 26, 2018

Dine With Me: Unicorn Bar

I’m all about going to restaurants and bars that have a really unique atmosphere, especially when I’m traveling. Unicorn Bar in Seattle, Washington totally fits the bill. It’s a carnival themed bar with a creative cocktail menu and awesome food.

*As a clarifying note, this is basically two bars in one: Unicorn Bar upstairs, and Narwhal downstairs. These snaps are all from Unicorn, because that’s where we decided to hang out, but you can definitely maneuver between the two and check out the slightly different vibes.

Unicorn Bar is in the Capital Hill area of Seattle, which is kind of a gentrified, trendy area of town that has a lot of bars and places to hang out. Also in Capital Hill is the LINK Starbucks Reserve Store LINK.

It seemed appropriate to order off of the cocktail menu, which all had really cute and on-theme names. My favorites were Cheap Date, and Unicorn Jizz (heheh…) We also tried My Little Pony, Cereal Killer, and the house made jell-o shots. They also have food if you’re wanting drinks and dinner.

One of my favorite things about this bar is that it’s covered from wall to wall in artwork, neon signage, and other carnival decorations. I loved this painting and calligraphy on the Women’s restroom.

If you check out Unicorn Bar, which you totally should, let me know which drink you order!!


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