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London: London Eye

March 2, 2018

London: London Eye

Hello from London, friends!

I’m currently writing this blog post from a cute little flat. This is my second time visiting, and usually when I repeat a travel destination, I try to do really different things the second time around. However, the London Eye is something I will probably do each and every time I come here. We booked the Champagne Tour. A standard ticket will cost around $32 (USD), so for about $20 more you get to skip the line onto the wheel, a glass of Champagne (very surprising on the Champagne tour, I know…), along with a tour guide who will take photos for you and answer any questions you have, plus a smaller group on board.

I should note that I am TERRIFIED of heights. I absolutely hate them, and typically freak out any time I above a few stories high. However, I feel totally safe on the wheel. It doesn’t really even feel like you’re moving, and there’s no abrupt or sharp stops to load people because the wheel is constantly spinning, so you can just walk straight on.

Each pod is quite large, with plenty of room to walk around, and a bench in the center for seating. The wheel takes about half an hour to go around completely, which is the perfect amount of time. You get to see all of the different parts of London, but you’re not stuck and it doesn’t get boring.

Everyone on our tour got a glass of champagne. If you travel with kiddos or those who don’t drink, they offer virgin mimosas (aka… orange juice….) in champagne glasses. They served ‘Pommery Brut Royal Champagne,’ (£29.42 for a bottle on amazon UK – around $40) which sounds very fancy, but tastes exactly like the $5 barefoot bubbly I drink from the bottom shelf of the CVS alcohol section. Whelp.

The High Roller in Las Vegas replaced the London Eye as the tallest ferris wheel, but let me tell you, the London Eye is way better. The views from the High Roller seriously suck. (Sorry Las Vegas.) Why would you decide to put a ferris wheel next to a giant parking lot?? But anyway – the London eye has beautiful views of the major iconic buildings, as well as the Thames river.

Until next time, London Eye!!

(P.S., who’s proud of me for not using one single Eye/I pun in this blog post…)


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