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Berlin: TV Tower Champagne Breakfast

March 14, 2018

Berlin: TV Tower Champagne Breakfast

When I was in Berlin, it seemed really appropriate to have a meal at the TV Tower, or the Fernsehturm Berlin. The TV Tower was originally designed and built in the 60s, primarily as a broadcasting tower. It still serves this purpose today, although the antenna has been replaced with a longer one, and their kitchen capabilities have expanded since it’s original construction.

I’ve dined in a lot of towers, several of which were revolving (Stratosphere, Space Needle) One of the coolest things I saw in the TV Tower that made it super unique were these stickers on the window that told you what monument or important structure was in the distance. It made it really cool to be able to orient yourself to the city and know what exactly you were looking at.

The restaurant itself was pretty empty when we went. In fact, there were only two other tables the entire time we were dining there at 9:30 a.m. Berlin definitely isn’t a big morning city, but I suppose I still expected a larger turnout for a Sunday. Nevertheless, it was a great breakfast with a beautiful view.

I’m not sure if all of the breakfasts are served this way, or only the ones that you can get on Viator/Trip Advisor, etc, but the Champagne breakfast we had came with a cup of coffee and orange juice, champagne, and a premed plate of meat, cheese, and bread. It was a little disappointing that they didn’t offer a menu, or at least one other selection (especially to accommodate certain dietary preferences), which was kind of disappointing. I also wasn’t aware when I bough the tour that there was only one entree option served (it wasn’t specified in the description, so I assumed there would be different choices.) While the food was great, I don’t think I would have chosen it as my first choice. When paying for a meal like that, I would wanted to REALLY enjoy it, but it felt like a morning snack more than a proper champagne breakfast.

That being said, I still always feel like doing a meal/tower combo is the best way to go. After the ticket price to go up in the tower, plus the cost of a meal while on vacation, it usually adds up to around the same amount, or only slightly more. This is the specific tour that we purchased.


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