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Waning Winter

March 15, 2018

Waning Winter

Here in Las Vegas, there really isn’t too much “winter.” The winter months consist of lots of wind, a very occasional sprinkle of rain but never snow, and a drop in temperature at night.

As we hit mid march, “winter” is already starting to fade. We had a few days that were warm and calm, with highs in the mid 70s (around 24C) and lows at night barely dropping below 55 (13C). However, after this sneak peak at spring, the weather turned chilly again.

My friends Amanda, Tara, and I took the opportunity to light a backyard fire, and stay warm around the fire pit.

Puppies were also in attendance, and somehow managed to not set themselves on fire.

The temperature was actually at 60 degrees (15.5C), but with strong winds of 20+ mph, the windchill lowered the real feel to 50 degrees (10C). It was cold outside, but not unbearable, and totally toasty and warm by the fire. The wind created some really cool shapes and flares in the fire.

Boots, Tara’s dog, is one of my favorite doggos, along with my dog Lillie, and Alexa’s dog Butters. Most of the photos of me were interrupted by this giant great dane mix, and I was 10000% okay with that.

It was a nice way to celebrate the end of a season with sweet friends. The night was so chill and easy, and it made me excited for more outdoor activities with the start of spring.


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