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Bullhead City, Arizona: David Camp

March 25, 2018

Bullhead City, Arizona: David Camp

Warm weather in the desert comes super early, as you can imagine.

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I went out to the Colorado River along the Nevada/Arizona border to hang out near water and have lunch. The site we went is called Davis Camp, but there are areas all along the river that are available for camping, picnicking, kayaking, fishing, etc.

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This particular area is near the mountains, which is really beautiful and provides a really textured and varied background.

DSC_0630 copy.jpg
There’s lots of super precious ducks that were actually super friendly. You can tell that they’re really tame and have been fattened with lots of human food.

Lillie was moderately interested in the ducks. She enjoyed barking at them when they came to close to HER human food, but considering the ducks are basically as big as she is, she didn’t get too aggressive.

Lillie is actually pretty anti-water. Like, she refuses to go outside when it’s even lightly misting, actively protests swimming and baths, and hates all water type activities. So, I was actually super surprised when she willingly took a couple steps into the shallow water.

DSC_0603 copy.jpg
I picked some of these wildflowers, and found several bugs on them, and then immediately chucked them into the river. They actually floated really nicely, and made the perfect #aesthetic photo.

The water is still cold as *@$&%(@ but it was really nice to sit next to it. The few times I took a step into the water, my feet went numb fairly quickly. Even during the summer with the 100+ degree weather, it stays pretty cool. It makes it great for water activities, considering even the pools in Vegas turn into bathtubs during the hotter months.

My friend Tara has a couple kayaks, and I’m really looking forward to taking them out in the coming weeks.


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    1. I love your posts. You opinions are so realistic and your ideas cool, like the meal tower combo. I feel like traveling myself in your blog. The site though could be more functional. I still try to find how to follow you by email.

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