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Bellagio Conservatory Las Vegas

Bellagio Conservatory: Spring 2018

March 31, 2018

Bellagio Conservatory: Spring 2018

The Bellagio conservatory is one of my favorite places ever, and one of the best parts of it is that it changes five times a year, so there’s always something new to see and love. The Spring display is usually my favorite of the year, and this was no exception. In fact, it’s up there with some of my favorite displays of all time. The theme this year was very Japanese garden esq, with lots of cherry blossoms, oriental style architecture and pottery.

There’s always a centerpiece in the middle of the conservatory, which is usually my least favorite part of the display. (I’m a sucker for the details!!!) But this year, it was absolutely gorgeous. It was a feminine figure with ornamental hair pins in her hair, eyelashes, and a pair of hands holding a pearl. It was really abstract, yet beautiful and simple.

Next to the figure were these beautiful vases with gorgeous designs on them. These were some of the most detailed and perfect elements that I’ve ever seen at the conservatory.

The vases were covered in petals, and than painted with floral designs. It was absolutely stunning, I have no idea how they get the petals to last for months on end, or how they so expectedly painted each petal, but the end result is exquisite. Definitely up there with my favorite elements ever.

About once or twice a year, they will add live animals to the gardens. Sometimes it’s butterflies, and I’ve seen koi quite a few times, but my favorite is when they invite birdies to take up residence in the most beautiful place imaginable. The birds were housed in these gorgeous ornamental bird cages, which I didn’t get a photo of for some reason???. I did, however, get a photo of this chunkseter who was happily watching all of the guests go through the gardens.

One thing that I don’t usually note in blog posts is that there’s a small area behind the guest check-in at the lobby of the hotel. You can’t go in it, but it makes a beautiful background and nice introduction to the actual conservatory, which is housed a few steps away. It’s usually a simple reflection of what’s to come, but this year they had these beautiful giant origami swans hanging amongst lotus flowers.

Hanging from the sky of the actual conservatory were these beautiful paper lanterns. Each lantern is decorate with beautiful florals and an accompanying bird, which really represents the theme of the gardens this season.

I was really, really excited for the spring season this year, and I definitely felt like I jumped into it with this beautiful display. I’m definitely looking forward to what the summer installation has in store.


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