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Bellagio Conservatory: Chinese New Year 2018

April 14, 2018

Bellagio Conservatory: Chinese New Year 2018

I was at the Bellagio shooting a proposal for the cutest couple ever (seriously.), and had to stop by the conservatory before leaving. I missed the winter display, which was a bummer. (I was there one day before they opened, and one day after they closed. Of course.)

But I was really excited to see the Chinese New Year display, which is always one of my favorites, especially because this year is the year of the dog. AND I LOVE DOGS.

One of my favorite things about this years display was the Chinese Cherry Blossom trees that framed the giant husky in the center. I love cherry blossoms, and even though the trees weren’t real, they were definitely beautiful.

This sign says “good fortune.” Thank you to my cousin for being my standby Chinese translator.

It was SO crowded in the conservatory today. It’s always packed with people who want to check out the live size flower arrangements, but it was packed for people – even more than what I’d expect for a Saturday.

I loved the simple, but very bright florals that they had as filler around the larger arrangements. This photo is unedited. Right out of my camera. Killer, right?

I realized as I was leaving that I didn’t snap any photos of me at the conservatory today, other than this photo of my shoes. (After visiting the conservatory 2 to 5 times annually for the last 10 years, you’d think I’d have noticed the tile mosaic floor. I definitely didn’t realize it until I looked down to take this photo. Whelp.) Anyway, enjoy my shoes.


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