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Grand Canyon

June 7, 2018

Grand Canyon

My friend Tara and I did a quick day trip to the Grand Canyon. It’s only twoish hours away from Las Vegas, and the drive was full of beautiful desert blooms.

I hadn’t been to the Grand Canyon since I was a kid, and I barely remember that trip.

I had been thinking about going again ever since I saw the Parks and Rec episode where Andy checks going to the Grand Canyon off his bucket list. They drove 20 hours from “Pawnee, Indiana” to the grand canyon, and I only had to drive 2 to see this site that people come around the world to see.

I was actually really stunned at the different colors in the rocks. In Las Vegas, there’s an area called Red Rock where the rocks are (shockingly) a bright red. I was kind of expecting the Grand Canyon to look like that, but the colors were almost a soft pastel color.

You can get right up to the edge of the canyon, which is pretty scary. Right over the edge of that cliff is like a 3794317941350937-foot drop. It was definitely a little nerve-wracking.

It was also pretty windy, which made me feel a little less stable. Check out the death grip on that fence.

We also went on the skywalk, which basically a clear glass bridge that you can walk on. It’s pretty terrifying, actually, because you can see directly down into the canyon. You can’t take your phones or cameras onto the bridge, but there are photographers that will snap photos for you. It’s nice because you have a photographer, but it’s not so nice because you have to pay a lot of money to get your photos.

Having one of these great natural wonders, basically in my backyard, was super amazing, and it made me want to go explore more of my desert homeland.


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