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Portland: Powell’s Bookstore

June 10, 2018

Portland: Powell’s Bookstore

Powell’s bookstore is basically heaven on earth for book lovers. With a proper that spans nearly a whole city block, multiple floors packed to the brim with new, used, and rare books, and the perfect amount of Portland-esq vibes, it’s definitely a wonderful place to visit when coming to Portland.

DSC_9793When you first walk in, they have the kind of stuff you’d probably find at your local Barnes & Nobles. They have all of the best sellers and staff recommended books, journals and cute pens, new books that were just printed, and your basic selection of awesome books.

DSC_9797DSC_9799However, when you start going up the many levels of the store, you begin to find books on just about every topic you could possibly imagine.

DSC_9800Like, seriously, there’s multiple shelves of books on mushrooms alone.

DSC_9807DSC_9808DSC_9810DSC_9814I don’t think I’ve ever done a Portland trip that doesn’t involve coming to Powell’s. It’s quintessential, even if you’re not a huge book person. It’s simply part of Portland culture.

Alsoooo, I forgot to take a picture of the outside, or the neon “Powell’s City of Books” sign. Ooooops. *blonde girl shrugging emoji*


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