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Dine With Me: Hummingbird House Cafe

June 11, 2018

Dine With Me: Hummingbird House Cafe

I have been wanting to go to the Hummingbird House for agessss. I have always adored the Los Rios District of San Juan Capistrano, CA, and go there pretty often with my friend Sally. The Hummingbird House is this cute little restaurant, tucked amongst the bougainvillea and prickly pear cacti, but it closes at 6 p.m. We’ve never been able to get there in time to eat there, until recently when we went there for Sunday brunch.

They have a pretty extensive menu of Greek and Mediterranean inspired brunch and lunch dishes, along with regular specials.

When we went, we did a fun blend of brunch and lunch items. The guacamole was really, really good, with big chunks of avocado and really bright flavors. I feel like guacamole is pretty standard issue, but it was a great start to what was a really nice meal.

They have an option to create your own omelet, which was really cool, and surprisingly affordable. It seems like most restaurants charge a ton of money for each ingredient, but this included four for free. Sally got the breakfast burrito, which had a Greek spin on it.

Like everything in the Los Rios district, the restaurant is beautiful. There’s indoor seating as well as outdoor seating, and the patio has tons of lush plants, with chirping birds and the occasional sound of the trains going by in the distance.



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