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Quest for Cows

June 12, 2018

Quest for Cows

I’ve been to Marin County (and surrounding areas, including Sonoma County) three times before. And every time I come, I make it a goal to seek out cows. There are pastures all over the place, and it’s hard to drive very far without seeing at least a small heard of cows somewhere. I bought a bunch of carrots with the hope of luring in some cows, and began my adventure.

Getting to them, however, isn’t always practical. Today, however, I made it my mission to FINALLY get up close and personal with some cows. I started with a rather long walk from the beach house I was staying, past a huge campsite, and down to this hillside pasture. Unfortunately​, the cows had been moved to an area further away, and the fence was electrified. I walked away, very disappointed, but still determined to find other cows elsewhere​.

When driving back from Heldsburg, I spotted some cows in a pasture not far from the road, with an emergecy lane to pull over in.

This was a huge pasture, though, and most of the cows were pretty uninterested​ and didn’t have any desire to come closer to me. They definitely were curious about what I was doing, but I wasn’t able to get a super good look at any in particular. After a few minutes snapping some photos and trying to get the cows to eat my carrots, I hopped back in the car.

We went a bit further and found a much smaller pasture, where the cows were hanging out closer to the edge of the fence​. I was able to get pretty close to them, and although I wasn’t quite able to pet them, it was really awesome to say hi to them and have them just beyond an arm’s​ length. ​

They were slightly more interested in my carrots than the other cows, but they didn’t eat them. It was worth bringing them though​ because​ I got the cows to come a bit closer to me.

Probably the best part was seeing this mama cow and her newborn calf.

In this image, you can actually see the umbilical chord still attached to the mommy cow, meaning she likely had her baby a few hours before I saw them. That was pretty special, to see a day old calf and their first moments exploring the world.

I definitely have a newfound appreciation for cows and how cUTE THEY ARE. It was really special being able to see them so close.


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