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Dine With Me: Moustache Bakery

June 13, 2018

Dine With Me: Moustache Bakery

There are a lot of bakeries in the world, but so many of them are just run of the mill, standard bakeries that produce boring desserts. This bakery was absolutely not run of the mill, and it absolutely deserved the feature that it got on food network.

It’s a really small shop in Healdesburg, California, which is in Sonoma County. The whole town is super adorable and very cute, it feels very Nor Cal, and the shop fits right in. Despite the small size of the bakery, they have macarons, mini and regular​ size cupcakes, and coffee and espresso drinks.

I wanted to try a few different flavors, so I really appeciated that you could get these cute mini cupcakes and try various flavors.

I think part of what makes the bakery so great is that they use local ingredients​ and flavors to make their desserts. Almonds and honey are really big in Northern California, and I loved that they had cupcakes designed around each of those flavors.

It was the cutest little bakery, and I feel like it fit well with the feel of the town. When I travel, I try to seek out restaurants and shops that are unique to the place I’m visiting, and mustache​ bakery definitely did that.


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