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Dine With Me: Andiron

July 7, 2018

Dine With Me: Andiron

Let’s talk Andiron. It’s an amazing restaurant at Downtown Summerlin in Las Vegas. I thought the name of the restaurant​ was super odd at first, but after some googling, I realized that an andiron is actually a fireplace accessory that supports the wood log to help air flow. Somehow I didn’t take any photos of the BEAUTIFUL interior???? So here’s a bunch of photos of the A+++ food.

Chicken breast with orzo risotto.

Caralamized scallops with English pea puree.

Buratta and beat salad. (This is sometimes replaced with a buratta and peach salad depending on the season.)

They have some amazing cocktails​, including this tropical thing that was served in a giant copper pineapple. I have no idea what’s in it, but what counts is that you will leave the restaurant feeling pretttttty good.

I’ve been to Andiorn a few times, and I will definitely be back. They have a pretty awesome happy hour, which includes dollar oysters on Tuesday. I’ll have to actually take photos of the inside next time. *facepalm*



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