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San Francisco: Coit Tower​

July 11, 2018

San Francisco: Coit Tower​

A visit to San Francisco requires a trip to Coit Tower. It’s one of the best places to get a panoramic​ view of the entire city, and it’s only $9 per person for admission.

If you visit Coit Tower, it’s probably important that you know the history behind it and the super cool woman who it’s named after. Lillie Hitchcock Coit was a serious badass. Not only was she a popular socialite in the San Francisco community, but she was most well known as a donor to the volunteer fire department, occasionally helping extinguish flames herself. She was definitely ahead of her time, smoking cigars and dressing in masculine clothing to attend male-only bars.

In addition to being a super cool woman and human, she was also loaded!!! Bonus. When she died, she left 1/3 of her estate to the city, with the request that it be used to “add to the beauty of the city which I have always loved.” This tower was erected as her namesake, and absolutely did add to the beauty of the city skyline, and allows patrons to get unique views of the city that she loved.

It really is one of the best places to view the city. You can walk around the entire tower and look out through the windows, getting a complete view of the entire bay area.

Most of the cities tall buildings are in the downtown area, but Coit Tower stands alone towards the edge of the water. This gives you the opportunity to look at the skyline, the water, and you can even see Alcatraz.

You can find Coit Tower at 1 Telegraph Hill Blvd in San Francisco. Be sure to bring a wide angle lens of iPhone attachment so that you can get the best photographs of the entire city.


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    1. Oh my goodness! The views from Coit Tower are incredible! I have never been to San Fran, but so badly want to go visit. I will definitely put this on the list of must visit places. Thank you for sharing! Mariah

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