HELLO! I’m Sarina.

I have my degree in Clinical Psychology, and currently work full time as a therapist in sunny Orange County, California. While I am a therapist by day, I am an avid cooker, baker, crafter, photographer, and gardener by afternoon/night/weekend.

The idea of starting a blog has been floating around in my brain for some time now, as I’ve always wanted a place to document and share my travels, DIYs, recipes, dog photos, plant stuff, and everything else I like. With a million and one blogs out there run by talented individuals with unique content, I debated for a long time on starting my own. But I ultimately made the decision to dive in – for myself.

I am calling this my passion project, for a couple reasons. The most obvious, I suppose, is that it documents the things that I’m passionate about. But perhaps more importantly, the idea of falling into monotony is something that is terrifying to me. I want to continue doing things that I’m passionate about, enjoying them in the present, and one day being able to look back on my life with gratefulness.

It is my hope that this blog will serve as a memento and souvenir of the travels I take, adventures I go on, things I make, and the spaces that I choose to call home. I hope that it will push me to take more trips, plan more adventures, cook and create more, and ensure that my space is the best that it can be – documenting as I go.

If you have stumbled upon my blog: hello. And welcome.